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Kailash Caves

Buried deep in the forest close to the Tirathgarh waterfalls, this underground cave, about 40 km from Jagdalpur, has the most spectacular formations of stalactites (limestone pillars hanging down from the roof) and stalagmites (pillars rising from the ground). Millions of years old, it is deep in a hill, 200 meters long, 35 meters wide and 55 meters deep. If you remember that stalactites and stalagmites are formed drop by drop, and that an inch takes about 6,000 years to form, the huge pillars of the Kanger Caves will leave you speechless. Some of the stalagmites have markings, indicating that they have been worshipped as Shiva Lingams. The reverberations caused here are strangely musical. With torch lights and a guide along with you on your expedition, experience all the thrill of exploring these amazing caves. It is possible to drive right up to these caves.

Kailash Caves Chhattisgarh

Kutumsar Caves

As you enter, you realize what the phrase “pitch-dark” means. As your guide holds up a lamp, the stalactites and stalagmites come alive as mystic creations of a master sculptor. Bastar are sure to mesmerize you with their charisma. Kutumsar Caves situated in the Kanger Valley National Park, stand at 38 km from Jagdalpur. The Kutumsar Caves display magnificent formations of stalactites and stalagmites and are probably the darkest of their sort, 35 meters below the ground level. The mineral rich rocks of this area have, over time, added bands of brilliant color to these rock formations. This is possibly the world’s second largest caves formed naturally and house five natural chambers and quite a few blind wells. Kutumsar caves are also home to a particular species of genetically blind fish.

Kutumsar Caves Chhattisgarh


Singhanpur is most popular for its ancient caves.. Singhanpur is situated 20 kms. away from Raigarh and has the distinction of hosting the oldest sculptures on earth. These sculptures are claimed to have been created in 30000 B.C. and look very similar to Mexican and Spanish sculptures.

Singhanpur Chhattisgarh


The most mythological and historically important tourist destination of Ramgarh is the Sita Bengra Cave, or the residence of Goddess Sita. Located on a north-eastern slope of the hillock, the Sita Bengra Cave is 14m long, 4.2m bread with a height of 2m in the front which lessens on the back side. Outside the cave there are many circular mates and benches carved out of ancient stone. Human footprints in the right comer add to the mystical aura and stand testimony to the fact that Sitaji lived in the cave during her forest stay.

Sitabhaghra Chhattisgarh


Jogimara Caves are located in the Surguja District in the state of Chhattisgarh. These caves are around 10x6x6 feet in dimensions and age back to 300 BC. There are many paintings of animals, human beings, birds and flowers on these caves. Each painting is painted on the white base plaster with a red outline.

Jogimara Caves Chhattisgarh

Ramgarh Caves

Ramgarh Caves Chhattisgarh

Bhangra Caves

Aranya Caves

Aranya Caves Chhattisgarh

Kabra Caves (Raigarh)